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Information Sources

Immerse yourself in an international business environment


Nothing compares to the real-world business situations that the Global Business Experiences (GBEs) present. 


Unquestionably a highlight of the programme, you apply the frameworks you have studied to organisations in the emerging and developed markets around the world. Flourish outside your comfort zone by pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory and working with classmates from different cultures and industries.


No GBE is the same. The theme, assessment and format of these intensive and hands-on experiences depends on the location. Every GBE is faculty-led, academically-focused, relevant, fast-paced and highly rewarding.


Where will your experience take you?


Past locations have included the USA, South Africa, China, India and Turkey. Students complete a week long assignment, which reflects that country’s unique business profile.

The GBE week consists of faculty lectures, guest speakers, site visits, workshops, panels, company visits and opportunities to engage with local London Business School alumni in the region.

Whether you are looking to fill a knowledge gap, or understand business practice in a particular country, you choose the location that works for you.

Locations of previous GBEs include*:


  • Destination: Johannesburg, South Africa

    Theme: entrepreneurship and economic growth the role of micro-businesses.


    Content:  Work with a micro-entrepreneur on a challenge facing your business and gain insights from leaders in the corporate, not-for-profit and government sector. Gain an understanding of the relationship between micro-entrepreneurs and other sectors of the economy.


    Students say:  “The most valuable part of the learning experience for me was using and communicating everything I had learnt on the MBA in a simple and understandable way so that our micro-entrepreneur could understand and implement this for his business.” Emily Archer, MBA 2014.


    Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

    Theme: business in changing and politically uncertain settings.

    Content: Meet with important players in the Turkish business world, such as entrepreneurs, manufacturers, financial industry professionals, government officials, and journalists.

    Students say: A fantastic chance to understand a country facing a number of challenges, but also many opportunities." Joe Gendy MBA2013.


    Destination: Mumbai, India

    Theme: understanding, driving and adapting to change.

    Content: Gain insight into the realities and intricacies of doing business in India, and hear different perspectives about how society and organisations are approaching change.

    Students say: “In a very short period of time, we were able to understand the key changes India is undergoing and it gave us a first glimpse into the complex Indian market.” Amal Daher, MBA 2014.

    Destination: Hong Kong, SAR China

    Theme: innovation and institutions in china.

    Content: Explore all aspects of institutional and innovation challenge – from high end fashion to the banking system. Examine both how Hong Kong is developing and its role in helping mainland China develop.

    Students say: “Hong Kong provided another perspective on how financial markets operate in that side of the world and the prospects and challenges for China’s growth from Hong Kong’s financial hub.” Alexandra Jorjea MBA2013.

    Destination: Boston and New York, USA

    Theme: understanding the new challenges of the asset management industry.

    Content: In light of the recent financial crises and ongoing regulatory reform, discover what drives the decision making processes of the most important players in the financial markets. 

    Students say: “The uniqueness of the GBE for me is in its intensive format, deep diving into an industry, which enables students to build an end-to-end view of the challenges and different perspectives.” Sylvia Gatson, MBA 2014.

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