Department of Accounting

About the department

The Department of Accounting continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the leading groups in the world for teaching and research on the economic, institutional and organisational aspects of accounting and financial management. Maintaining and advancing our leading international reputation for teaching and research is our top priority, and thus, we are committed:

We are proud of having the diversity in everything we do, as it is the key to our competitive advantages locally as well as globally. We therefore strive to continue to combine 'global appeal' with a distinctive 'European orientation' in terms of institutional knowledge and affiliations as well as intellectual traditions.


List of Accounting Workshops

Evidence for the Decision-facilitating Feedback Role of Performance Measurement Systems

The Effects of Firms’ Competitive Positions on Proprietary-Information Disclosure: Evidence from Manufacturing-Cost-Reporting

Evolution in Value Relevance of Accounting Information

Towards a Financial Statement Based Approach to Modeling Systemic Risk in Insurance and Banking

A Growing Wedge in Decision Usefulness: The Rise of Concurrent Earnings Announcements

Reporting Quality and Audit Engagement Risk of Investment Companies

Tangible Long-Lived Asset Impairments and Future Operating Cash Flows under US GAAP and IFRS

The Measurement of Speculative Investing Activities and Aggregate Economic Outcomes

Knowledge Spillover and Accounting Firms’ Competitive Strength in the M&A Advisory Market

Benchmarking, Incentive Rebalancing, and the Influence of Labor

Market Competition on CEO Equity Grants

Fundamental Analysis of Banks: The Use of Financial Statement Information to Screen Winners from Losers

Proactive Financial Reporting Enforcement and Firm Value

Stock Price Synchronicity and Material Sustainability Information

Banks as Tax Planning Intermediaries

The Professionalization of the Corporate Historian/Archivist

Assembling an accountability workspace: Governing international development

Evaluative Infrastructures: Accounting for Platform Organization!