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Doctor of  Philosophy in Strategic Management

Student Information:

Full Name : Mehdi Moghadasi       Date of Brith :    20/01/1958             Student ID:  12064135


Taught Components Credit Mark % Grade
   Research Design and Data Collection 3 89 B+
   Foundations of Data Analysis and Reporting 3 89 B+
   Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 3 97 A+
   Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 3 97 A+
   Organisation Theory and Management 3 89 -A
   Seminar in Management 3 86 B
   Advanced Strategic management 2 92 +B
   Thesis 28 96 A
   Total: 48 94 A










The Examiners considered the thesis submitted by the above named student and following examination recommended:

Award:                                   Doctor Of Philosophy

Date Awarded:                        05/Jun/2015

Awarding Body:                       London Business & Engineering School

Programme:                            Strategic Management (PhD)

Full Title of Thesis:                  Critical success factors in a supply chain management at National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC)

Period of Study:                      01/Mar/2013  to 05/Jun/2015


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