Leaders are born in LondonBES to lead the business world!

MBA in (IT Management)


Short Courses

Course Start Date

October, January & March

Course Duration

18 - 24 months


London Business E-School

Extra Benefits

Business Services







4,500 £


You have the skills and experience, now it's time to take your career to the next level. In this tech-dependent environment, even one hardware hiccup or software delay can potentially impact a company’s bottom line. Organizations in almost every industry depend on qualified information managers to keep things running smoothly, solve problems, respond to emergencies, and forecast future technology needs—all while working to develop and oversee other technology personnel.

 An online MBA in information technology from London BES is designed to move you forward in an exciting and lucrative field. As one of our best colleges, the college of business (and this program in particular) offers key learning in leadership, project management, information technology management, technology strategic solutions, and financial management will prepare you for anything that can come your way as an information technology manager. 

This degree program is composed of the following courses. You will typically complete them one at a time as you make your way through your program, working with your Program Mentor each term to build your personalized Degree Plan. You’ll work through each course as fast as you can study and learn the material. As soon as you’re ready, you’ll pass the assessment, complete the course, and move on. This means you can finish as many courses as you're able in a term at no additional cost. Our affordable online MBA programs are designed to help you graduate faster for less money, so you can get into a job you're passionate about even sooner. Plus, you can earn while you learn—our unique education approach allows you to continue to work full-time while pursuing your degree, benefiting you and your employer. You really have nothing to lose while completing master's in business administration in information technology from our university! 



Pre-term core


Year 1 structure


First-term core


Second-term core


Year 2 structure


Third-term core


Fourth-term core


Final Project


Our Global MBA will provide you with the understanding of the most important concepts in global management, strategy, finance and marketing. In particular, the wide variety of specialist pathways offers you the chance to synchronise your MBA to your existing career path, giving you a finely tuned, unique postgraduate qualification.




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Leaders are born in LondonBES to lead the business world!

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