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Organizational Behaviour


Short Courses

Course Start Date

May 2021

Course Duration

2 weeks


London Business E-School

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Advanced skills







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The one proven technique in the domain of Organizational Behaviour – backed by more than 60,000 replicable experiments – is Organizational Behaviour Management (OBM), a sound practical application of the behaviour analysis approach pioneered a century ago.
London Business E-School is the first European institution to offer a degree in OBM, and this is the first course in Europe to teach it in a summer school setting.

Programme Structure

•    You learn the principles and techniques of applied behaviour analysis (ABA): using systematic interventions derived from learning theory to improve socially significant behaviours, then demonstrating that those interventions are indeed responsible for the improvement. 
•    Amongst topics covered are the ABC model (antecedent-behaviour-consequence), the four behavioural consequences and a protocol for shaping new behaviours. You also learn to use the OBM Optimizer, a practical tool for enhancing organizational performance, including such factors as quantity, quality, safety and attendance.
Students and professionals in the field of social, exact or technical sciences who want to know more about changing organizational behaviour through positive reinforcement.


Detailed Programme Facts


•   Starting in July 2021
•    1 May 2021
•    Always verify the dates on the programme website.
•    Programme intensityPart-time
•    Average part-time duration2 weeks
•    Credits: 3 ECTS
•    Languages
•    English
•    Delivery mode: Online

English Language Requirements

This programme may require students to demonstrate proficiency in English.
General Requirements
•    Curriculum Vitae/Résumé
•   Transcript of records (a print screen of your most recent grades is sufficient and needs to include your name and the name of your University)

Requirements anything indispensable More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)


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