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Modern HR Departments have outgrown their administrative related activities within organization, and became active contributors to the strategy and competitive success of organization. 
The focus of this Certified Professional in Human Resource Management program is to explore modern HR functions and how they evolved over the years, and what is considered a good practice in some of those areas. Also, the objective of this course is to encourage to think about HRM in your organization in the context of globalized world and 21st century.
During the certificate program variety of teaching methods will be used: from basic explanations of terms and concepts, exercises, working on case studies, individual work in finding the application of the presented knowledge and group/team work on the project.
Beyond mere description of theoretical lectures, the emphasis will be on the following course goals:
•    To provide an understanding of the HR functions in modern organizations
•    To understand HR strategy and HR function and its position within today business
•    To deepen knowledge of the range of HRM practices, models and ideas
•    To develop some specific knowledge and skills crucial for good people management
•    To develop new understanding and approach in your collaboration with your HR department
The certificate program is appropriate for the all those that wish to develop professionally, increase their human resource management skills and knowledge, and seek career advancement by getting certified.


Programme Structure

      Program Outline
•    Human Resources Introduction
•    Main HRM Activities and Competitiveness
•    HR function in business context and challenges it is facing. Contribution to the strategy. Different levels of HR activities.
•    Recruitment and Integration
•    All phases of recruitment process. Current changes caused by technology shifts.
•    Education and Development
•    People management context. Skills and competences required for the future.
•    Performance Management and Compensation and Benefits
•    Basics of Performance management projects, and theories of motivation useful for Compensation and Benefits systems.
•    Case Studies: Company Branding and Corporate Culture


Detailed Programme Facts

•    Deadline and start dateA student can apply at any time for this programme, there is no deadline.
•    Programme intensityPart-time
•    Average part-time duration1 month
•    Duration description
•    Languages
•    English
•    Delivery mode: Online

English Language Requirements

This programme may require students to demonstrate proficiency in English.
General Requirements:
There are no formal prerequisites for this certificate program.

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