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Making good business decisions can make or break an entrepreneur. This Business Principles and Entrepreneurial Thought , brought to you  London Business E-School, the #1 school in Entrepreneurship, will explore topics such as financial accounting, analytics, customer behavior, and strategy all with the lens of an entrepreneur who has to make critical decisions for the success of the business.
This is a series of 6 courses beginning with The Entrepreneurial Mindset and concluding with Digital Strategy and Action.
 Whether you are contributing to the strategy and development of your company, starting your own business, or working for a non-profit, this series will prepare you to make better, more informed decisions and contribute to the success and health of the organization. 
Before we begin with some of these core business concepts, we will define what entrepreneurial thinking is and discover some key methodologies to help with these decisions.
This XSeries is targeted at:
•    Learners interested in starting their own business.
•    Learners who want to or are asked to contribute to the decisions of any organization.
•    Learners who are ready to move forward in his or her organization.
•    Learners who are ready to take action!
What you will learn
•    Core business skills in financial accounting, statistics, marketing, finance and strategy
•    How entrepreneurial thinking can be applied to any business environment
•    An understanding of entrepreneurial thought and action

Programme Structure

Courses included:
•    The Entrepreneurial Mindset
•    Financial Accounting Made Fun: Eliminating Your Fears
•    Analytics for Decision Making
•    Marketing Fundamentals: Who Is Your Customer?
•    Financial Analysis for Decision Making
•    Digital Strategy and Action

Detailed Programme Facts

•    Deadline and start date a student can apply at any time for this programme, there is no deadline.
•    Programme intensity Part-time
•    Average part-time duration 7 months
•    Duration description
•    4 - 6 hours per week
•    Languages: English
•    Delivery mode: Online

English Language Requirements

This programme may require students to demonstrate proficiency in English.

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Leaders are born in LondonBES to lead the business world!

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