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We specialize in collaborative event planning and conference management services to a range of mission-based organizations around the globe, including scientific research organizations and non-profit associations.

Our focus is ensuring the execution of a flawless conference that all stakeholders will find relevant, unforgettable, and worth attending. We’ve built a wealth of knowledge in association and research meeting planning and understand how to meet the complicated and specialized requirements of these types of events.

Academic and Scientific Proofreading and Editing Services

“London-BES-Proof-Reading” provides wide-ranging English editing and proofreading services for the authors of academic, scientific and professional documents.

Our academic and scientific proofreaders and editors are highly educated in many different subject areas and carefully trained to work on documents of all kinds, so whatever sort of document you are writing, we have the experience and expertise to help you improve its grammar, spelling, punctuation, references and formatting until they are polished to perfection.

Examples of the many kinds of academic and scientific documents we frequently proofread and edit.


London-BES aims to be the consultancy provider of choice for organizations involved in the delivery, dissemination and commercialization of research. We believe knowledge is a public good which should be shared as widely as possible, and that private enterprise has a crucial role to play in disseminating this knowledge and bringing it to market.

We are a small team with particular expertise and a big network. This allows us to bring together the right people, skills and connections in a timely way to meet our clients’ needs. We take pride in the work we do, and we operate to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Our many satisfied clients attest to that.



ASSAAR provides you with assistance in plagiarism checks and services of rephrasing/ reword/ rewrite the plagiarized sections of an academic paper, thesis, dissertation, synopsis, and report. Be sure to edit your research paper carefully and check for plagiarism before turning it in to the class. The steps above are essential for research paper writing. Using plagiarism checker services such as turnit in is a great way to assess your paraphrasing and other anti-plagiarism skills. Most educators and educational institutions are using some kind of plagiarism checker software to check students’ papers. Do not take the chance of not checking your research paper. Plagiarism could mean the loss of your academic degree or career.

The best defense against plagiarism is knowledge and the practice of effective writing skills. Learning how to paraphrase, quote, and to properly cite and reference material is critical. A writer will never gain good writing skills if he or she does not create their own work. Not procrastinating and beginning papers early will help to squelch the temptation to cheat by plagiarizing. The writer’s academic, professional, and personal reputation is too valuable to lose over a moment of laziness or weakness. Using a plagiarism checker is a helpful way to check for plagiarism, even accidental, and ensure that writing is original and well cited


Scientific and medical book chapters are very important formats for delivering scientific information. Book chapters are widely read by students and other researchers. They offer valuable educational resources and historical permanence in libraries, laboratories, and offices around the world. Because of this permanence, it is essential that your chapters be written carefully with clear, concise grammar.

London-BES can help ensure that your book chapters are easily understood and grammatically correct. Don’t let the readers of your book chapters be distracted from the message you intend to deliver by common grammatical errors or hard to read sentences. There are often a number of books available on any given scientific subject, so what will make a reader or classroom instructor choose your book above the others? The most successful books go beyond technical accuracy to provide a grace and clarity that makes the book or chapter a joy to read. Our medical and scientific editors will spend the extra time needed to polish your book chapters for optimum clarity and impeccable grammar.

If you are the Editor of a book with chapters written by different authors, it can be particularly challenging to make sure each chapter has a similar organization and style. We will work with the author(s) of each chapter to save you time and to ensure that the chapters are well written and adhere to a consistent format. This produces a well-integrated book with an intuitive flow of information, ensuring that all authors are satisfied with the combined result


Your dissertation serves as the final, all-encompassing summary of your original graduate research. You may have spent 4 or more years performing the experiments that will become the basis of your dissertation. The most difficult part of writing your dissertation is deciding how to organize all of the background information and new data you have generated into a logical and coherent form that will be acceptable to your mentor and to your graduate school.

London-BES assists scientific and medical editors. We will review your dissertation, suggest organizational changes, and ensure that every sentence follows the strict rules of English grammar and that your dissertation adheres to the specific guidelines required by your institution. Our editors can save you valuable time and help discover logical gaps in your dissertation.

Considering the time required to collect and assemble the evidence needed to support the thesis of a dissertation, it is not surprising that students often struggle to organize their dissertations into a complete, logical, and grammatically correct form.


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