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Vision 2020 & Strategic Plan at LBES

Vision 2020 & Strategic Plan at LBES


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Master of Business Administration in International Tourism Management

Student Information:

Full Name : Nooshin Ghasemipour Date of Brith :    21/03/1987                      Student ID:  12064161


Business Economics

Taught Components Credit Mark % Grade
Principles of organization and management 3 84 B
Human resource management 3 95 A
organizational behavior 3 94 A
Marketing 3 94 A
Strategic Management and Leadership 3 98 +A
Business Economics 3 98 +A
Accounting 3 96 A
Financial Management 3 95 A
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 94 A
Research Methods & Data Analysis 3 96 A
International Tourism Management 3 91 A-
Hotel & Hospitality management 3 91 A-
Thesis 16 96 A
   Total: 52 94 A















The Examiners considered the thesis submitted by the above named student and following examination recommended:

Award:                                   Master Of Business Administration

Date Awarded:                        01/Dec/2015

Awarding Body:                       London Business & Engineering School

Programme:                            Internatinal Tourism Management

Full Title of Thesis:                  The Role of Information Technology in Raising the Efficiency and Proficiency of Marketing Hotels and Tourists' Locations

Period of Study:                      01/Dec/2013  to 01/Dec/2015


End of transcript

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